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Novosti v Odprtem dostopu

Kolegica dr. Kotarjeva iz Univerzitetne službe za knjižnično dejavnost UL je prizadevno pripravila letošnji prvi nabor novic o odprtem dostopu:

· Slovenija
· Strategije, politike
· Analize stanja, projekti
· Financiranje odprte dostopnosti publikacij
· Avtorskopravni vidiki
· Odprte revije
· »Roparski« založniki odprtih revij
· Problematika naročniških revij
· Odprte monografije
· Zasledovanje odmevnosti objav
· Repozitoriji
· Odprti podatki raziskav
· Odprti bibliografski podatki


Delavnica projekta Odprti podatki: Problemi in rešitve na področju podatkovnih storitev v Sloveniji, Ljubljana, 5. 12. 2012
Priporočila udeležencev delavnice v slovenskem in angleškem jeziku:
Poročilo z delavnice: Slovenian efforts in Open Access

IZUM-Regional Centre for Library Information Systems and Current Research Information Systems, Maribor, Slovenia

Strategije, politike

European Commission background note on open access to publications and data in Horizon 2020

Open Access Guidelines for researchers funded by the ERC, June 2012

Commissioner delivers keynote address at the opening of the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference – »Networked scholarship in a networked world: participation in open access«

Towards a European Policy on Open Access

Celina Ramjoué:

Jean- François Dechamp:

An Overview of Research Infrastructures in Europe - and Recommendations to LIBER

Recommendations to advance OA in Eastern Europe

Open Access in Sweden - going from why to how

Finch closed eyes to open alternatives

Planting the green seeds for a golden harvest: Comments and clarifications on »Going for Gold«

Ireland sets open-access mandate

LERU launches statements on Open Access and Open data

Making Open Science Possible – Global Young Academy statement on Open Science

NIH To Enforce OA Policy

NIH Steps Up Enforcement of Public Access Policy

Is participation really the problem! If so, participation in what?

Science publishing: Open access must enable open use

A new arena for science

Science thrives on results – and they should be freely accessible

Whither Science Publishing?

Transforming opportunities in scholarly discourse

Guide to good practices for university open access policies

It's time for universities to reclaim publishing rights

Analize stanja, projekti

Open Access Status of Journal Articles from ERC-Funded Projects, junij 2012

OpenAIRE - Building a collaborative Open Access infrastructure for European researchers

OpenAIREplus: the European Scholarly Communication Data Infrastructure

OpenAIRE & EGI: open access to the future

OpenAIRE Conference 2012 - Enlightenment in the Knowledge Society: From Pilot to Service on Vimeo

The MedOANet project is pleased to announce the release of the Open Access Tracker

General cost analysis for scholarly communication in Germany: results of the "Houghton Report" for Germany

OA and the UK Humanities & Social Sciences: Wrong risks and missed opportunities

Implementing Finch, Academy of Social Sciences, 29-30 Nov 2012

Carat and stick: no hard targets for gold open access

Open Access: a remedy against bad science

The Case for Open Access Publishing

Survival of the Fittest

Managing the transition to open access: a role for intermediaries?

Understanding the implication of open access publication in humanities and social sciences disciplines

Top 10 tips on how to make your open access research visible online

Bring On the Transparency Index

A very brief introduction to Open Access*XksATV5V-DXV35cAlYoTTHyS1C-MZ59Je50I5JL-hyDy22BHEoZolwXJAo76OQiMaScDrFIXJcOB*gzac/AverybriefintroOAA4lowres.pdf

Visualizing Open Access

Open Definition forges ahead – get involved!

Stakeholder Analysis (OAIG Gold Open Access project)

Benefits of Open Access for Authors

Researcher Life: the early career researcher experience

Publishing: Expert Advice for ECRs – Open Access

Researchers! Make Your Previous Work OA

What it takes for the stakeholders involved to facilitate the full potential of open access to unfold!

Analysis of 2 million scholars reveals which countries study the hardest, and why Open Access is critical for developing countries

Researchers of Tomorrow: the research behaviour of Generation Y doctoral students

UKPMC becomes Europe PubMed Central

PLOS Computational Biology Software Collection: The Combination of Open Access and Open Source Accelerates Scientific Research

Berlin 10 Open Access Conference Recap

The speech from the German ambassador at Berlin 10 is available here:
It has… announced [the] new German law for Open Access….

“The German government is currently introducing legislation guiding the implementation process of Open Access. It will take into account our constitutionally guaranteed rights, especially freedom of expression, freedom of scientific research and intellectual property rights. Against that background, the envisaged reform of our copyright and intellectual property law will, as a first step, most likely follow along the lines of the “Green Road”...l”

Networked scholarship in a networked world: participation in Open Access

Na voljo predstavitve

UNESCO at the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference

10th International Bielefeld Conference: »Shaping Future INFO-Structures: Feeding Data, Designing Information Services and Building ICT-Infrastructure for a Digital Natives’ World (Bielefeld, Nemčija, 24.—26. april 2012)

Welcome to the SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #166, December 2, 2012

Upgrade to SHERPA/JULIET Released

Libraries as drivers of Open Access

Open Access in China and its Effect on Academic Libraries

Financiranje odprte dostopnosti publikacij

Funding for Open Access Publications: a Brief Overview

Supporting infrastructure for journal OA fees / APCs

COPE Lists Open Access Funds

RCUK announces block grants for universities to aid drives to open access to research outputs

Funding model for open access unveiled

UK research funders announce grants for open-access publishing

RCUK open access fund

University of Pittsburgh Joins COPE

Avtorskopravni vidiki


Licensing Revisited: Open Access Clauses in Practice

How to get »Open Access« into your publishing contract

Use your author’s rights to make articles freely available

More publishers move towards CC-BY licence for OA articles

Copyright and the Harvard Open Access Mandate

Odprte revije

Whither journals?

Europe moves closer to open-access publishing

How publishers feather their nests on open access to public money

Open Access journal content found in commercial full-text aggregation databases and journal citation reports

Open-access journals cost 10-12% less to produce than toll-access journals of the same quality

Reed Elsevier: Transitioning to Open Access – Are the Cost Savings Sufficient to Protect Margins?

Why Journal Editors Have Other and More Pressing Concerns

The Role of the Academic Journal Publisher and Open Access Publishing Models

Persistent, unique identifiers for authors – ORCID and smaller publishers

»Roparski« založniki odprtih revij

Predatory Publishing

Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers (2nd edition)

Predatory Publishers and Opportunities for Scholarly Societies

Beall's List of Predatory Publishers 2013

Problematika naročniških revij

2012 Study of Subscription Prices for Scholarly Society Journals

Odprte monografije

Project explores open-access books in the humanities and social sciences

DOAB User Needs Report [DOAB = Directory of Open Access Books]

Books at COASP 2012

Zasledovanje odmevnosti objav

Overview of the altmetrics landscape

The Altmetrics Collection

Altmetrics — Replacing the Impact Factor Is Not the Only Point

Beyond the Impact Factor: why the Thomson-Reuters Impact Factor has to be replaced

The changing face of journal metrics

As communication evolves, new methods help evaluate the impact of scholarly journals

A new paradigm of scholarly communications is emerging: A report from the Future of Impact conference

Insights from “The Future of Academic Impact”

Open evaluation: a vision for entirely transparent post-publication peer review and rating for science

On the impact of Gold Open Access journals


euroCRIS and COAR join forces building up a mutual partnership


dspace-cris is a new additional open source module for the DSpace platform ( It extends the DSpace data model giving the ability to manage, collect and expose data about all the Research aspects (people, organization units, prize, project, grants, etc.).

DSpace 3.0 Released!

Making City Research Online OpenAire compliant

SW-MIS: A Semantic Web Based Model for Integration of Institutional Repositories Metadata Records

Evaluation of Interoperability Protocols in Repositories of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Integrating Image-Based Research Datasets into an Existing Digital Repository Infrastructure

Author identification in Denmark: ORCID and repositories

Examining Attributes of Open Standard File Formats for Long-term Preservation and Open Access

Odprti podatki raziskav

Peer-Reviewed Open Research Data: Results of a Pilot

Three Legal Mechanisms for Sharing Data

Preparing for Data-driven Infrastructures

Advancing Technologies and Federating Communities: A Study on Authentication and Authorisation Platforms for Scientific Resources in Europe

Thomson Reuters Tackles Open Access Datasets with Data Citation Index

Collaborative Science: solving the issues of discovery, attribution and measurement in data sharing

A better way to manage your research outputs

Upskilling Liaison Librarians for Research Data Management

JISC Managing Research Data: Liaison Librarian Training

Odprti bibliografski podatki

Open-Access in Deutschland: Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Creative Commons Priznanje avtorstva 2.5 Slovenija

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Srečno 2013!

V novem letu želim vsem maksimiranje dobrega in minimiranje, še bolje, ukinjanje vsega slabega! Ne smemo pozabiti, da vzvode držimo v svojih rokah: in skupaj lahko obvladamo vse vzvode. Krepko poprimimo!